Builtin Fonts And Encodings


Builtin Fonts

These Base14 fonts are built-in into PDF and all viewers can display them. Using these fonts may decrease the size of the result file and make the processing faster, avoiding loading external fonts. However the fonts support only latin1 character set and you have to load external fonts if you need to use an other character set.

The Base14 fonts:

  • Courier

  • Courier-Bold

  • Courier-Oblique

  • Courier-BoldOblique

  • Helvetica

  • Helvetica-Bold

  • Helvetica-Oblique

  • Helvetica-BoldOblique

  • Times-Roman

  • Times-Bold

  • Times-Italic

  • Times-BoldItalic

  • Symbol

  • ZapfDingbats

Builtin Encodings

StandardEncodingThe default encoding of PDF.
MacRomanEncodingThe standard encoding of Mac OS.
WinAnsiEncodingThe standard encoding of Windows.
FontSpecificThe font built-in encoding.
ISO8859-2Latin2 (East European)
ISO8859-3Latin3 (South European)
ISO8859-4Latin4 (North European)
ISO8859-9Latin5 (Turkish)
ISO8859-10Latin6 (Nordic)
ISO8859-13Latin7 (Baltic Rim)
ISO8859-14Latin8 (Celtic)
CP1250MS Windows Codepage 1250.
CP1251MS Windows Codepage 1251.
CP1252MS Windows Codepage 1252.
CP1253MS Windows Codepage 1253.
CP1254MS Windows Codepage 1254.
CP1255MS Windows Codepage 1255.
CP1256MS Windows Codepage 1256.
CP1257MS Windows Codepage 1257.
CP1258MS Windows Codepage 1258.
KOI8-RCyrillic character set.
GB-EUC-HEUC-CN encoding.
GB-EUC-VVertical writing version of GB-EUC-H.
GBK-EUC-HMicrosoft Code Page 936 (lfCharSet 0x86) GBK encoding.
GBK-EUC-VVertical writing version of GBK-EUC-H.
ETen-B5-HMicrosoft Code Page 950 (lfCharSet 0x88) Big Five character set with ETen extensions.
ETen-B5-VVertical writing version of ETen-B5-H.
90ms-RKSJ-HMicrosoft Code Page 932, JIS X 0208 character.
90ms-RKSJ-VVertical writing version of 90ms-RKSJ-V.
90msp-RKSJ-HMicrosoft Code Page 932, JIS X 0208 character (proportional).
EUC-HJIS X 0208 character set, EUC-JP encoding.
EUC-VVertical writing version of EUC-H.
KSC-EUC-HKS X 1001:1992 character set, EUC-KR encoding.
KSC-EUC-VVertical writing version of KSC-EUC-V.
KSCms-UHC-HMicrosoft Code Page 949 (lfCharSet 0x81), KS X 1001:1992 character set plus 8822 additional hangul, Unified Hangul Code (UHC) encoding (proportional).
KSCms-UHC-HW-HMicrosoft Code Page 949 (lfCharSet 0x81), KS X 1001:1992 character set plus 8822 additional hangul, Unified Hangul Code (UHC) encoding (fixed width).
KSCms-UHC-HW-VVertical writing version of KSCms-UHC-HW-H.